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This website is a collection of images taken in the San Gorgonio Pass and surrounding areas and is not affiliated or endorsed by The City of Banning. All images (except where noted) are the property of Ron Lakin Photography and can not be used (copied) for any reason without written consent (for copyright information click here). Many of the "historical Notes" links are from the Banning Library and require a PDF viewer to view. Because the site consists mostly of image galleries, it can take a few moments for pages to load with slow connections and mobile phones. This is a responsive website meaning it will work on any device across all platforms (older browsers may render pages incorrectly and should be updated). The slide shows are created with FlexSlider 2 javascript. Feel free to email me if you have any suggestions, corrections, or ideas about this website at lakinphoto@ronlakin.com. Use the different for more information in Banning Ca.

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Welcome to the Banning CA Images and Information Website. Our family moved to Banning in the 1961 when I was 6 years old. When I was 21 I moved up to Northern California. After 27 years circumstances brought me back to the San Gorgonio Pass area . Coming back after all of those years brought back fond memories of growing up. While some things have changed, most of Banning had stayed the same. Since moving back to Banning, I decided to photograph many of the the places I remember growing up, as well as the changes since I left. I hope those who have left for greener pastures remember our beautiful little town as I have, Ron Lakin

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Banning Ca Downtown - 1940s
Banning Downtown late 1940s (digitally colored)
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