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  • Cabazon Dinosaurs

    Cabazon Dinosaurs

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    Joshua Tree Park

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    Lake Fulmor

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    Oak Glen

  • Forest Falls

    Forest Falls

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Banning is located in the San Gorgonio Pass with Mount San Jacinto to the south and Mount San Bernardino to the north giving beautiful scenery all year long. The nicest thing about living in Banning is Location. You are less than 1 hour away from many attractions . San Diego and Los Angeles are both less than two hours away. With the desert to the east , the ocean to the west and mountains and lakes both north and south you can always find something to do for the day or weekend.

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East - Desert
Outlet Malls - 8 minutes
Morongo Resort - 10 minutes
Dinosaurs - 12 minutes
Whitewater Preserve - 27 minutes
Palms Springs Tramway - 29 minutes
Coachella Preserve - 36 minutes
San Andreas Hike - 40 minutes
Murray Canyon Hike - 40 minutes
Joshua Tree Park - 55 minutes
South - Mountains
Lake Fulmor - 27 minutes
Idyllwild - 40 minutes
Lake Hemet - 55 minutes
North West
Oak Glen - 25 minutes
Forest Falls - 36 minutes
Lake Arrowhead - 60 minutes
San Diego - 90 minutes
Los Angeles - 90 minutes
Laguna Beach - 90 minutes
Newport Beach - 90 minutes