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Banning Neighborhoods

Most of the neighborhoods have stayed the same over the last 40 years. The first thing I have noticed driving around the old neighborhoods we use to explore were the chain linked fences. No more hiking to devils slide, or the canyon behind McCoy's ranch. The "hidden waterfall on the backside of the bench is fenced off. It was nice to see some of the old landmarks like the wishing well on N. San Gorgonio Ave.

Central Banning (from The tracks south, the wash north, Alesandro St east, and 8th Street west) is where the city first grew. There isn't really any new development in the residential area but the downtown town (San Gorgonio Ave.& Ramsey St.) has had a makeover. The only businesses left from the 70's would be the theater and Wings Cafe. The old Banning Hotel and Coplin House have been remodeled. The Banning Art Gallery and Coffee House are located next to the theater.

The area east of Alessandro St which was primarily lower income has a lot of new development, mostly apartment buildings, in the last few years. The business area along Ramsey St is where most of the new construction is happening.

South of the railroad tracks you will still find most of the ranches, The new High School is located on San Gorgonio and Westward. The Spring Lakes Retirement Center takes up most of the land west to Highland Springs Ave. You can sill drive to Poppett Flats from Old Idyllwild Road. With Kmart closing, the huge building was split up to house Big 5 Sporting Goods, Hobby Lobby, Party Palace, Pool Supply , and Marshalls.

West of 8th street and north of the tracks has 95% of the new residential development. The latest Atwell development has added many 2 story residential homes on the corner of Highland Springs rd. and Wilson St.

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Central Banning
Ramsey St. north to Banning Wash - West of Alessandro to 8th Street.
East Banning
East of Alessandro to Reservation , North of Interstate 10
South Banning
Airport west to Highland Springs , South of Interstate 10
West Banning
West of 8th street to Highland Springs, North of Interstate 10, South of the Bench
North Banning
Banning Cemetery, Banning Wash, Mias Canyon and Banning Bench