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West Banning (north of highway 10 and west of 8th Street to Highland Springs Road) has a mixture of older homes closer to town, and newer neighborhoods built along Wilson St. westward to Highland Springs. Businesses run east to west along Ramsey St., and north to south along Highland Springs Rd. The majority of medical complexes including the Pass Hospital can be found north of Ramsey at Highland Springs.

Historical Note

In the 1900s the area between Sunrise and Sunset Streets, and south of Wilson Street to the Tracks was known as the " Grove". Groves of Eucalyptus were planted to be used as lumber. The trees never matured and the venture was scrapped.

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  • west Banning North 10th Street

    North 10th Street

  • west Banning Mockingbird Lane

    Mockingbird Lane

  • west Banning Cypress Street

    Cypress Street

  • west Banning Hillside Drive

    Hillside Drive

  • west Banning West Gilman

    West Gilman

  • west Banning eorge st.

    George st.

  • west Banning McCoy's Hill

    McCoy's Hill

  • west Banning Silver Star Drive

    Silver Star Drive

  • west Banning From West Wilson looking north east

    From West Wilson looking north east

  • west Banning West Wilson

    West Wilson

  • west Banning Sunrise Mobile Park

    Sunrise Mobile Park

  • west Banning Sunset West Banning

    Sunset West Banning

While the older neighborhoods have stayed the same, there have been new housing tracts built mostly off of Wilson St. westward to Highland Springs road. Mountain ave has many upper middle class homes nestled up the the foothills of Banning. the largest development is at Wilson and Highland Springs. Atwell has hundreds of new 2 story houses which have made Banning the fastest growing small city in California (2021).

Historical Note

Indian School Lane was named after the St. Boniface School for Indians established in the late 1800s to educate and train local tribes. It was located at the west end of Indian school lane west of 8th st. ( the Grove )


  • West Banning Sylvan Park

    Sylvan Park

  • West Banning Image Sylvan Park

    Sylvan Park

  • West Banning Image Richard Sanchez Park

    Richard Sanchez Park

  • West Banning Gilman Ranch entrance

    Gilman Ranch entrance

  • West Banning Image Gilman Ranch

    Gilman Ranch

  • West Banning Image Hemmerling School

    Hemmerling School

  • West Banning Coombs Alternative School

    Coombs Alternative School

  • West Banning San Gorgonio Hospital

    San Gorgonio Hospital

  • West Banning 7th Day Adventist Church

    7th Day Adventist Church

  • West Banning Calvary Christian School

    Calvary Christian School

  • West Banning Grace Church

    Grace Church

Sylvan Park still has a baseball field, play ground, basketball courts and plenty of picnic tables. A recent freak tornado tore through the park knocking down a dozen trees. The Historic Gilman Ranch has been restored with a stagecoach museum , hiking trails and a park. The 2 schools are Nicolet (elementary) and Susan B. Coombs. Coombs which was the Jr. high school for years, is now Alternate Education. the San Gorgonio Hospital is still located on Highland Springs Rd. between Ramsey St. and Wilson St. There are many churches in the west area of Banning.

Historical Note

The first permanent landmark in the Banning area was an adobe house constructed by Jose Pope in 1854 on the present Gilman Ranch site . John Gilman purchased the land and began construction on the 2 story house in 1879 while living in the adobe. The house was lost to fire, and rebuilt.


  • West Banning Business Fastfood Row Ramsey

    Fast food Row Ramsey

  • West Banning Business Rio Ranch Market

    Rio Ranch Market

  • West Banning Business Stagecoach Plaza

    Stagecoach Plaza

  • West Banning Business Sunset and Ramsey

    Sunset and Ramsey

  • West Banning Business The Midway

    The Midway

  • West Banning Business Guy's Italian

    Guy's Italian

  • West Banning Business West Ramsey before Highland Springs rd

    West Ramsey before Highland Springs Rd

  • West Banning Business Beaver Medical Center

    Beaver Medical Center

  • West Banning Business Rancho Paseo Medical Center

    Rancho Paseo Medical Center

As Banning grew businesses expanded along Ramsey St. East of 22nd street is the fast food and motel corridor.

Sunst and Ramsey has a strip mall with newer businesses. Rio Ranch Market, Dollar Tree, and Harbor Freight are the main stores with many small businesses in between. guys Burgers has been around for a while and is still serving their great Burgers and Mexican food.

The Midway (Ramsey west of Sunset to highland Springs) Hasn't changed much with the exception of the 2 Beaver Medical complexes just before you reach Highland Springs. Guys Italian which was around in the 60's is still in Business.

Historical Note

The junction of Highland Home Rd. and Ramsey Street is the approximate center of the "Midway" section. The unofficial borders have changed through the years as Banning annexed more land to the west of Sunset Avenue. Lewis Robertson remembers the area being known as "Midway" as early as the 1930s and 1940s.

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