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East Banning Area

Eastern Banning area is considered to be everything east of Alesandro to the Morongo Reservation and south to the Railroad Tracks.

East City of Banning CA is mostly made up of low income neighborhoods and apartment complexes mixed in with newer middle class homes. To the north is the old Banning Rock Quarry and west entrance to the Morongo Reservation. East Ramsey is comprised of local small businesses and law offices. The recently built new Riverside County Superior Court building is located east of City Hall and the Police station.

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  • East Banning Hoffer and Hargrave

    Hoffer and Hargrave

  • East Banning Hargrave and Indian School Lane

    Hargrave and Indian School Lane

  • East Banning image

    East Banning

  • East Banning North High Street

    North High Street

  • East Banning Vista Serena Condos

    Vista Serena Condos

  • East Banning Summit Ridge Apartments

    Summit Ridge Apartments

  • East Banning image

    East Banning

  • East Banning Martin Street

    Martin Street

  • East Banning image

    East Banning

You will find a variety off neighborhoods in East Banning. You will notice a lot of lower income homes mix in with newer middle income homes. Look for more development in the future as there are plenty of vacant lots spread through out the area. There are 2 huge apartment units less than 10 years old 1 located north east of Alessandro and the other near the Morongo Reservation Entrance..

Historical note

While there were a few African Americans that migrated to East Banning from other states, the majority came from the Palm Springs area. In an effort to attract movie stars and the elite, Palm Springs evicted many families from their homes, forcing them to relocate to North Palm Springs and Banning.


  • East Banning Community Superior Court House

    Superior Court House

  • East Banning Community County building

    Banning Family Community Health Center

  • East Banning Community Hoffer School

    Hoffer School

  • East Banning Community Florida Street Discovery Center

    Florida Street Discovery Center

  • East Banning Community Head Start

    Head Start

  • East Banning Community Shiloh Baptist Church

    Shiloh Baptist Church

  • East Banning Community Church

    Calvary Church of God

  • East Banning Community 1st Missionary Baptist Church

    1st Missionary Baptist Church

Hoffer School is the elementary school serving East Banning residents. The head start program is located just down the road from the school. There are a few churches including the Shiloh Baptist Church. Most city buildings Police, Fire, etc. including the new County Courthouse are east of San Gorgonio Ave., north of Ramsey St.

Historical note

In 1964, Nat Green, a leader in the black community who started the Banning chapter of the NAACP, purchased a former courthouse building in San Bernardino and moved it to Banning to be used by the Shiloh Baptist Church.


  • East Banning Businesses Ramsey St looking east

    Ramsey St looking east

  • East Banning Business Law offices and bailbonds across from court house

    Law offices and bail bonds across from court house

  • East Banning Local Market and other small businesses

    Local Market and other small businesses

  • East Banning Business Consuelos Mexican Food (estab. 1967)

    Consuelos Mexican Food (estab. 1967)

  • East Banning Business Riverside County Buildings

    Riverside County Buildings

  • East Banning Business Corner of Hargrave and Ramsey

    Corner of Hargrave and Ramsey

  • East Banning Business Leo's Pottery

    Leo's Pottery

  • East Banning Business The Metal Corral

    The Metal Corral

  • East Banning Business Stagecoach Inn

    Stagecoach Inn

East Banning businesses are spread out along East Ramsey St. You will find a mixture of local markets, automotive, and a couple of restaurants. Across from the Riverside Superior Courthouse are the usual Bail bonds and lawyer offices.

Historical note

Many businesses along E. Ramsey Street, east of Hargrave, catered to the black neighborhoods in the late 1950s-1960s. Members of the black community today still remember these nightclubs and some of the music that could be heard coming through the walls.

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